Our Fees

A wedding ceremony includes the music as guests are being seated, the processional, the signing of the register and the recessional. For solo harp, the minimum fee is $300. For the harp/flute duo, our fee is $500.

The fees for one hour of cocktail music following the ceremony are: $150 for solo harp; $200 for harp/flute duo.

To clarify, the fee for a wedding ceremony plus one hour of cocktail music would be: $450 for solo harp; $700 for harp/flute duo.

For receptions and other events, we prefer to play for a maximum of one hour — an enjoyable length of time for everyone. And we don't book half hours. The minimum rate is as above — $150 for solo harp; $200 for harp/flute duo.

For cocktail music at corporate or other events, we may charge more, depending on mileage and location challenges. We generally don't take bookings if it involves travel more than one hour from home.

Outside of London, there is a mileage fee of $0.50 per kilometer. Our London rates apply to Delaware, Komoka and Lambeth and other communities within Middlesex County, meaning there is no mileage charge for these places. The mileage charge applies to St. Thomas, Ingersoll and Woodstock and other communities outside Middlesex County.

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